Guilty Pleasures

Posted on Sun 14 September 2008 in geek

I've finally started taking advantage of all the memory I put in this machine to indulge a guilty pleasure. Seeing as I'm only testing the next Ubuntu in my virtual machine I can install Flash on it so I can watch iPlayer. Although I'm obviously critical of the fact it locks people into the closed Flash platform to use it. The web-based solution is slick, easy to use and quite obviously the future of TV. I just caught up with the film of the last show Humph did before he died. It was filmed at the Lowry which reminded me of where I saw him last live. There is also a nice recording of one of his Jazz performances currently showing which I'm enjoying now.

The weekend has involved a touch of garden related activity including a very overdue grass cutting and the acquiring of many potted herbs and flowers. We also have a lovey baby maple tree which is now shading the Wizard which has been wondering where it would sit every since I fetched it from Manchester. We are enjoying whats left of the nice weather while we can. I hope it lasts the week, it's quite nice for cycling in the morning.