Green musings

Posted on Tue 23 September 2008 in general

Cambridge has been improving it's kerb-side recycling scheme to include plastic bottles which will make another dent in our total black bag waste volume. While some people complain about the two week rubbish cycle we haven't found it that bad. Currently pretty much all of our vegetative waste going on our own compost heap with any overflow in the green bin (along with bones and such to avoid attracting the rats). The first green box is pretty much filled with bottles* and a few cans every two weeks. The black wheelie bin is usually half full when it gets wheeled out for it's bi-monthly trip to the kerb and most of that is plastic envelopes from food and milk bottles making up the rest of the volume.

The daily on-demand food shop has also practically eliminated food waste in the house. Granted this isn't such a practical option for most people, especially if cars are involved. However it does make me appreciate the 24 hour fully stocked supermarket that sits between me and work, I can only hope their drive for efficiency limits the waste they produce.

My main worry environmentally speaking at the moment is energy use. Unfortunately a large number of the lights in the house are halogens which limits the options somewhat.

* We are not sure if that's a bad thing or just gives a bad impression