I've never...

Posted on Thu 25 September 2008 in general

One film I hadn't seen until a few days ago was Stephen King's Stand by Me which was a source of some amazement from Fliss. She is currently working through a number of her favourites with me including recently The Breakfast Club, another brat pack classic. She didn't force me to join her watching Dirty Dancing however, a film that seems to make a convincing case for not allowing your children to spend time alone with holiday camp staff.

I mention all of this not to increase IMDB's Google Juice but to remind myself (and you dear readers) of a new series hosted by everyone's favourite middle class corduroy wearing polemicist Marcus Brigstocke. In a homage to TJ's viewing habits it's called I've never seen Star Wars and it airs tonight on Radio 4 at 6.30. So what activity/film/show/album have you never done/seen/listened to that might surprise your peers?