Thursdays hate us

Posted on Sun 19 October 2008 in general

We've not been having good time with Thursdays recently. Last weeks funeral/car break-in was topped this week by Fliss getting admitted to hospital on Thursday with suspected kidney stones. As anyone who has ever them will know they are very painful. As she had been in London for a meal with a friend at the time it made the logistics of the following day interesting. This was the reason for my denial a.m. trip to our nations capitol on Friday morning carrying the essential supplies you need when in hospital. I spent most of the day with her on Friday in the CDU unit who's main purpose seems to be a holding ward so A&E's targets of shipping on or out within 4 hours are maintained. A bed in the renal unit was finally available at around 1900 although it took the hospital a further 4 hours before she got moved there. I have a lot of respect for the staff that work in the NHS (and for the institution itself) but every-time I come into contact with the organisation I can't help wondering why it can't run more efficiently.

She called this morning to say that the consultants think the stone may have passed over night so hopefully she'll be hack home this evening. I don't think we'll be doing much this weekend other than chilling...

UPDATE: Fliss is back home, everything is right with the world again :-)