Why does it always rain on me?

Posted on Tue 21 October 2008 in general

The cycle home last night certainly counted as interesting. I didn't actually get around to leaving the office until around 1830 by which time is was quite dark. And raining. To be fair the rain wasn't the almost horizontal sheets of stuff that had been coming down earlier in the day. However it was certainly wet enough to cause problems for this glass wearing cyclist. The cold and wet didn't really bother me too much once I'd got going and started generating my own heat. The cycle path alongside the river is entirely unlit and combined with the clouds obscuring any moon light I was left with the light from what I had previously considered the bright LED lights on my bike. While my bike lights did offer some illumination it was mainly directly in front of me. This gave the interesting effect of branches appearing out of the murk just before they tried to knock me off the bike. Of more importance was the contrast between the path, grass and river which was approaching a value of 0. Before I try the journey again in the dark I think I'm going to invest in a head-light so I'm not just restricted illuminating where my handlebars are pointing which may or may not be the area I require clarification of at the time.

The only other problem generated by cycling in the wet is the shuffle you have to do once arriving home to make sure you don't drip muddy splats over your rented carpet. On the plus side there was a nice warm bath waiting for me when I got home which was, as they say, nice :-)