Searching for old iPods

Posted on Thu 23 October 2008 in geek

My venerable Ogg capable media player died* a few days ago. I'm now in the market for a new media player as it helps the time battling the on-coming headwind pass by as I cycle in and out of work. Although I mostly listen to pod-casts it would be nice to have a little more storage so I can keep my entire music collection** with me. This is increasingly attractive as next year's 24 hours of plane travel beckons. There is plenty of hardware that supports Ogg nowadays but owning another locked down device doesn't quite appeal to the geek in me. The solution of course is Rockbox which has support for a pretty good spread of players although none that are currently in production. In terms of bang for buck the 5th/5.5 gen iPod looks to be the solution so we currently have a number of eBay bids and potential Amazon market place purchases underway. I quite like to idea of having a play with the code but I certainly don't have the patience to get involved with a from scratch port on newer hardware.

* Having been dropped a few too many times I think the solder has cracked on the jack plug mounting. I may ask my dad very nicely if he can open the sealed case and attempt a fix.
** Current collection runs to around 56Gb, mostly Ogg format music.