Bicycles, punts and loads of food

Posted on Mon 27 October 2008 in general

We spent this weekend entertaining as Phil and Karl visited from the wild climes of the North. The weekend was mostly catered by Fliss who cooked a wonderful Roast Duck (with Port and Marmalade sauce) on Friday and a lovely Katsori Dom (sp?) on Saturday. I was mostly relegated to Breakfast and desert duties.

On Saturday we braved the chilly but bright day to cycle down into town with Phil and Karl on rented bikes. A little exploration of the city centre before going punting down the Cam. We didn't manage to complete run of the backs as once we had manged to get back up to Trinity against both the flow and the headwind we decided we had had enough of the experience. Phil was not very impressed with the experience!

In the evening we relaxed into the evening meal and a bit of lounging in front of the TV and the PS3 iPlayer. We also learnt a new card game which was interesting.

After saying goodbye to our visitors on Sunday we went for lunch with my parents and Nana who was visiting for the week. My Dad managed to fix my venerable Ogg player which was great as the cycle journeys were starting to get a bit wearing without the distraction of my podcasts. Next weekend is looking free-ish at the moment although I believe Cambridge CAMRA is having yet another beer festival. Choices, choices....