The power of powder

Posted on Thu 06 November 2008 in general

While the USA celebrated it's democracy by the election of it's first black president we followed suite the next day by detonating a large quantity of [STRIKEOUT:dark]black powder. Although the Gunpowder Plot was more an attempt at regicide than subverting our fledgling democratic institutions. Still fireworks are fun :-)

I spent most of yesterday feeling like a member of the undead but still managed to make it down to council run display with my parents, Fliss, Frank and R&J. The display took me back to my childhood although I was a little disappointed with it's length expecting it to run for a bit longer. It could be that things from your childhood always seemed bigger (the wagon wheel effect) or just a lack of sponsorship in the current credit crunch climate. Still it was very pretty and I especially liked the aerial catherine wheels.

We managed to find a pub for a quick post display drink before everyone headed back home. I passed out pretty quickly but didn't sleep very well as I started having coding dreams which is not very relaxing (and generally crap code as well!). Still I feel better this morning than I did yesterday. I suspect the TV and sofa beckon this evening.