Posted on Mon 10 November 2008 by alex in general

We had Lee visiting our rural idyll over the weekend. It was a fairly relaxed affair with the planned cycling curtailed on Saturday by the prospect of the weather "throwing it down". Instead we adjourned to local pub to generally set the world to rights as is the want of any pub drinker.

We had "Sunday Lunch" on Saturday for obvious logistical reasons. I have to say I took a rather less prepared approach to the cooking than normal. However the quality of the beef saved me from any major culinary embarrassments on that side. However the less said about my excuse for an Apple Pie the better. Next weekend I get the opportunity I shall endeavour to prepare one a) with reference to one recipe b) before any pub related supping.

We watched a couple of films over the weekend. The rather charming Be Kind Rewind with an on form Jack Black and a rather wry nod to the issues of IP rights and the film industry. There was also Aboriginal mood piece Ten Canoes which I found a little slow but very atmospheric and I assume indicative of the story telling culture.

We did get some cycling done on Sunday, trying an alternate slightly muddier route down the opposite side of the river. The Green Dragon does seem to becoming a regular stopping off point on these weekend cycle rides.

Today Monday has re-asserted itself but I'm still looking forward to seeing Calender Girls at the local Arts Theatre.