About last night

Posted on Tue 11 November 2008 by alex in general

Wow, the cycle in this morning was hard. A full headwind all the way down the river left me spluttering like wizened old man at the end. Anyway, about last night:

We started the evening with having dinner at the forth floor restaurant at the theatre. Despite the pressures of getting all their covers out in time for the show they did very well. I had a lovely duck dish with a modicum of wine. We were with a group that included quasi-family connections so I did my best to be on good behaviour. I still consider a nice shirt with non-scummy jeans as appropriate smart casual though. I did wear nice shoes :-)

Despite being in the corner of the circle we still got a very good view of the stage. The play was fantastic. Despite the melancholy of the overall plot there was a tremendous amount of energy and comedy in the performance. The whole audience was laughing along to the whole thing which was a good sign. The set was relatively simple but still did well. The staging was also very well done. If the play of the film of the true story turns up in your neck of the woods I would heartily recommend you go see it.