Early Riser

Posted on Wed 12 November 2008 in general

As part of the Faustian deal that puts our house within a few miles of my place of work I have to occasionally share the pain of Fliss' commute. As she had to be in London pretty early we woke at 5.30 so I could drive her to the station for 6ish. The morning drive was not helped by my car flashing "Stop Now!" and other such worrying messages on computer display as I started to back the car out of the drive. The level of higher brain function at that time in the morning is not suited to diagnosing why your car is dying. In the end it turned out to be the radiator reservoir had fallen bellow the line. It's nice the car is intelligent enough to tell me before I screw it up but I can't help feeling the messages could have been a little less apocalyptic.

Last night was a little late as Fliss was catching a later train home. So I left the Beef and Ale pie mix simmering and joined T&F for a few pints in what is fast becoming our "local". T had a quick play with my Rockbox'ed iPod which seemed to pass muster. I suspect he's going to do the same to his iPod soon. We didn't get home and eat until 10ish which probably means I shall be asleep in my food after the cinema tonight.