Posted on Mon 17 November 2008 in general

There was definitely more of a chill to the weather this morning as I wheeled the bike over the frosted ground. My head felt very cold for the first mile or so until my internal body heat started trying to radiated through my aerated head.

The weekend was mainly full of family things for various family related duties. I was yet again introduced to the large number of cousins, aunts and uncles that make up her sprawling family. I managed to persuade Fliss to drop the occasional name into the conversation stream to help me along. I did un-tether myself and run solo for a bit and discussed the physics of induction cookers and the possibility of detecting conditions such as reaching a boil so power input can be lowered to keep the temperature stable. I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that our rather ancient cooker has trouble maintaining a stable oven temperature even if we have calibrated for the hot-plates.

One of the benefits of the family duty was Fliss' sister was over for weekend taking a brief break from her foreign studies. Her course will see her studying in Liverpool next year so at some point we'll need to introduce her to some of the North West crowd so she knows a few people oop Norf.