Posted on Wed 19 November 2008 in general

Soul Calibur IV has been seeing a resurgence of play on the PS3 recently. I bought it on a whim because it's always worth having a least one fighting game in your collection and I was disappointed with the sterility of Virtua Fighter. Soul Calibur is basically more fun to play, more forgiving of button mashing (important for social games) and actually has a degree of depth too it. I'm not sure if the developers play up to the Engrish translation but the plotting is more funny than annoying. Also there is a substantial customisation environment which allows you to tweak and dress any of the characters in quite complex detail. It's not a feature I've played with much* but Fliss really enjoys it. It's also something the developers have spotted the potential of for down-loadable content. There are packs that unlock Yoda**, provide more weapons, holiday themed costume and finally the rather dubious Maid outfit and School Girl/Boy outfit sets.

All in all I can heartily recommend it as a worthwhile addition to any gamers collection.

*: I found the customisation of GTA:SA a little too much like hard work, however it was nice to dress Niko up as "proper" mafia in GTAIV.
**: Yeah, the PS3 version comes with Darth Vader complete with rip in the fabric of space-time story. It seems an incongruous addition of licensing to the franchise and certainly not a reason to buy the game. But it doesn't spoil my enjoyment of the rest of it.