Snow Days and Ducks

Posted on Mon 24 November 2008 in general

I went past a number of ducks this morning that had their heads tucked into their wings. I don't think they were ignoring me because of my consumption of a rather tasty duck on Friday, I think it was the cold.

The servers at work have been down since Friday. This could almost be derived to be a snow day like occurrence. However I was meant to be rolling the final build for project that has absorbed the last 6 months on Friday. Most of the time I spent twiddling my fingers while waiting for Firefox to respond having failed to read anything* from $HOME. In the end I admitted defeat and headed home to try and pick things up on my own system

We had a lovely weekend with M&C visiting for a little bit of countryside pursuits. We ended up walking instead of riding to out now traditional river side pub before loading up on carbs for the walk back. It was a nice day although the faces response very much depended which side was facing the sun. Sunday was fairly quite and we ended up in bed before 10 to get a nice early night.

Servers are still down today (which I foolishly only discovered after going in). I have since headed back home only to have to go in for 14.30 for a staff meeting. I may get half the build sorted today, possibly a whole release even if I can't email the details to anyone who cares :-(