Plans of a festive nature

Posted on Wed 26 November 2008 in general

It was a classic good day to bury bad news moment. I hadn't even realised there was a mini-budget going on the day I was told I had to get a new job. Still the changes wouldn't of made me spend more or less over Christmas, and that's probably not going to change anyway with this years theme being "Green".

One upside of the upheaval is I no longer need to horde my holidays from this year for next years trip down under. Also given family commitments I don't think I'll be heading up to Manchester for the traditional post turkey festivities from Ste's birthday to New Year. However I am due to be in Manchester on the 19th of December to see James playing at the [STRIKEOUT:GMEX]Manchester Central. My current thoughts involve stretching the weekend to Monday or Tuesday before heading back. That's if anyone can put me up and there will be festive things to see/do/drink?