Posted on Thu 27 November 2008 by alex in geek

Well it looks like everything should be wrapped up by January 5th at which point I shall be officially jobless. I probably won't add to the stats though as despite having worked for most of my adult life I don't qualify for any benefits.

Obviously I've been polishing my CV to bring it up to date. One rather glaring problem with it at the moment is I over use the word "experience" in the prose. It's a tricky problem because I am actually very experienced in a lot of things. However converting the excess experiences into other synonyms seems like an act of linguistic gymnastics to avoid repetition of a positive word. I'm open to suggestions for alternate phrasings.

I've also been giving some thought to what I can do with my spare time next year. A number of ideas are currently percolating:

  • See how much I can reduce the power consumption of my desktop (Linux Kernel, C, System Libs)
  • Implement a mash-up of Last.Fm meta-data to generate play lists based on selected songs (python, rhythmbox, gnome)
  • Implement Rockbox support for Rhythmbox (python?, gnome)
  • Improve Rockbox's playlist support (embedded, C, rockbox)
  • See what bounties are available for various projects and do them (may actually make money!)
  • Cleanup my .emacs to have less hacky project support and do a better job of dealing indentation and tabs on random projects

My ideal job would be 100% FLOSS based, preferably at the kernel/system level. However I don't really have anything that needs fixing in my setup because I've been careful to select well supported hardware. I don't know if tackling the Kernel Janitors TODO list would just get very boring very quick.