Dell Sales Droids

Posted on Thu 04 December 2008 by alex in general

In a further quest to decide on netbooks I offer the following:

15:20:01 Customer Alex Bennee Initial Question/Comment: Are there any plans to offer the better spec Mini 9 (1.3MP camera and 16GB SSD) with Ubuntu instead of Vista? 15:24:04 Agent DSD i am afraid it is not possible to have Ubuntu with 16 GB hard drive and 1.3 Mega pixel cam. 15:24:52 Customer Alex Bennee Will Dell honour the MS OEM refund program if I buy the Windows Mini 9 and make a refund request for the unused OS? 15:25:30 Agent DSD I am sorry we do not have the information on this. 15:26:16 Customer Alex Bennee Dell has no policy on OS refunds? 15:27:41 System System DSD has left this session! 15:27:41 System System The session has ended!

I assume they don't want a repeat of this.