Inadvisable Experiment?

Posted on Mon 15 December 2008 by alex in general

One of the aspects of my personal grooming the last number of months has involved dropping the regular shaving. There are a number of reasons of which laziness and the fact it keeps my face moderately warmer when cycling are the key drivers. Outside of the first day or so of scratchy stubble Fliss actually quite likes a soft beard. However it usually comes to pass after a week or so I find the hair keeps catching on jumpers and the like and I relent and return to my clean shaven self for the whole cycle to repeat again.

Last night as I prepared to denude my face once more I decided to try an experiment. The first casualty was straggly growth attempting to join my facial hair to my chest hair which is the main culprit for jumper catching annoyances. Followed up with a little judicious trimming to prevent any pillinger-esque excesses and I seem to have ended up with something that looks OK.

I suspect this experiment won't last into the warmer months when I'll most likely find my face too warm. However in the meantime it looks like if fitting into the beardy *nix hacker idiom :-)