The Inevitable Post Christmas Write Up

Posted on Sun 28 December 2008 in general

So now the Christmas celebrations are over and we head towards the new year I thought I'd better do a quick write-up.

This year we split Christmas between the two families over two days. This resulted in me feeling a little over fed by the end of the process. Christmas Day at my parents had a green theme from the presents to the hand made crackers at the dinner table. Everyone now has a large selection of wind up charging devices to reduce our carbon footprints. We also now have a nice wireless inductive electricity meter to give a current indication of the household load.

Christmas Day 2 continued at Fliss' mums with even more chocolate, booze and a large Goose. I ended up in my second carb induced coma of the week. There was no particular theme for this round of gifts but books and DVDs where a strong theme. I also have a number of new games to keep me occupied in my upcoming indolence :-)

I didn't make it up to Manchester for the traditional Ste Birthday Bash and we'll be staying down south for a quite New Year. Hopefully I'll be up in time for the Winter Ales Festival in January.