Posted on Sat 03 January 2009 in geek

One of the games we got for the PS3 was the wonderfully cute physics platformer Little Big Planet. It could prove to be a very funky distraction. One of the things it does have is some very cute music. Previously if you were looking for individual tracks your options were limited to encumbered iTunes or using nefarious file-sharing apps to hunt out the individual tracks. Today I found what I wanted on Amazon's MP3 store and despite a little fiddly messing about with Amazon's special downloader continually trying to launch iTunes it all went very smoothly. I now have some nice high bitrate MP3's that will work on my Linux systems and my music players without any DRM hassles. If only the legal music download systems had been this easy back when people were first introduced to download-able music. Instead the music industry spent so much of it's time trying to lock up bits in various incompatible vaults while illegal tools showed how much easier it could be.