Day One

Posted on Tue 06 January 2009 by alex in general

Yesterday was the first "proper" day of unemployment. Despite the snow on the ground I still cycled in the long way round to pick up my redundancy papers. I then tracked into town to pick up a rabbit for the evening meal before finally relaxing with a bath. With all the cycling it felt like I'd achieved a reasonable amount considering my indolence.

Today however is probably going to be different. I was up at 5.30 this morning to drive Fliss to the station. It was -7 whilst I de-iced the car which is pretty damn cold over hear. Since I've been back I've been hiding in the relative warm of the bed trying to beat emacs into shape on Fliss' MacBook so I can post this. I have some stuff I could be hacking on Rockbox at the moment but my office is too cold as are my fingers. Hopefully I won't go stir crazy to soon :-)