Sleep FAIL

Posted on Thu 29 January 2009 in general

I didn't really sleep last night. Not sure why but I suspect a combination of real ale and wine gave me a slight nagging headache and I couldn't shift my brain out of thinking gear*. The first time I gave up I went downstairs and made myself a hot chocolate which usually does the trick. On returning I was dropping off until I thought I heard the doorbell. Although it was unlikely the doorbell did ring at 4 in the morning I couldn't stop wondering if it had. I eventually gave up, got dressed and walked to the 24 hour Tesco's to join the rest of the waking dead.

Before the alarm was due to go off I returned to bed and drifted into the morning news when the radio turned on. Fliss wondered if I'd had trouble sleeping so turned the radio off and started reading Driving over Lemons at which point I went out like a light. So far Fliss reading to me is the best insomnia cure I know :-)

* This usually involves me thinking about programming problems. Oddly last night it was a combination of thinking about today's planned work and how Dexter is going to escape being caught in season 2.