Halting State

Posted on Wed 11 February 2009 in general

I've just finished reading Halting State by Charles Stross.

It's an enjoyable SciFi whodunit mystery set in the near future involving a robbery in a MMORPG. The book is presented in the second person narrative which is unusual but helps give a sense of the setting. It's set in a recently independent Scotland where technology has progressed slightly beyond it's current point but is pervasive and in the hands of the masses as a matter of routine. This is one of the aspects of the book I really enjoyed as Stross does a very good job of imagining what will happen when everyone has the toys that the geeks currently have. He also does a good job on developing on some of the social trends we have today and predicting what that will mean in a few years.

The book does have a fair number of technical terms in it that betray the authors geek credentials but I don't think it makes the book inaccessible. Technical stuff aside the story is also very enjoyable and keeps you turning the pages. Recommended.