Slumdog Hat Maker

Posted on Thu 26 February 2009 by alex in general

We joined my parents for a credit crunch influenced film and food last night. Apart from the normal Orange Wednesday film deal they are now also offering 2 for 1 on a starter and main at Pizza Express. I suspect we made up for it with the wine though.

We went to see the multi award winning Slumdog Millionaire and were not disappointed. First things first, a quick note about the PR people. I've seen a lot of posters announcing Slumdog as the "Feelgood film of the year". While it is a beautifully shot and uplifting film there are also parts of it which are pretty unrelenting in it's portrayal of life in the slums. Having got that out of the way I have to give it plaudits for pretty much everything else. The film has a lot of energy and presented with beautiful cinematography. The soundtrack is also an excellent mix of traditional Indian sounds with a number of high energy dance tracks. While a number of critics have described the story as unbelievable I'm quite happy with Kermode's fable thesis and happily suspended my disbelief. I also have to hand props to Danny Boyle for the wonderful Bollywood style credits at the end. Overall verdict: Well worth a watch.