In the Zone 5x5

Posted on Fri 06 March 2009 in general

Fliss has sworn me off updating my blog every time I find a new open WiFi point while on holiday. So my comments on the business lounges broken redirect hack-age will have to wait for the time being :-)

I've flown business once before and I must say the lounge is a much more pleasant experience than slumming it with the proles. Comfortable seats, quite background music and all the pastries you can eat. I've not gone near the free beer taps just yet, it seems a little early to start on the sauce.

We stayed in Cheam last night which luckily is on a direct bus route to Heathrow. Despite the bus drivers complete customer care failure the journey was pretty easy, certainly easier than navigating the underground with a broken toe. We don't actually fly off until around 11.30 but now the megatons of luggage are the baggage handlers problem and not mine the rest should be easy going*.

* Fate, I am not tempting you!