Two eyes are better than one

Posted on Mon 30 March 2009 in geek


It really is quite amazing how much difference a pair of binoculars makes to the whole process. The stars where not quite as forthcoming as they where in the wilds of the Whitesunday's but thanks to Fliss' expert orienteering we had a successful scope of the heavens before clouds stopped play. I even managed to image Orion now that I have a tripod that allows a long exposure to be taken of the night sky.

Under Fliss' direction we where able to make out the difference in colour between Rigel (Blue white) and Betelgeuse (Red/Orange). I also managed to see my first non star objects. Although the Horses Head nebula evaded my sights I could make out the Orion Nebula. I had a go at viewing the Magellanic clouds but clouds of a more terrestrial nature intervened before I could do so. However it more than made up for our disappointment yesterday. I'm really keen to see how we do tomorrow when we have the power of the Mudgee observatory behind us.