The wanderers return

Posted on Tue 31 March 2009 in general

We have finally arrived back in Sydney after our extended tour of western New South Wales. Internet at the hotel room in Mudgee proved to be extortionate hence the flurry of posts now we are back.

Wine tasting can be a tricky exercise. Even taking all possible care to rinse between tasting your palate can take quite a hit after 12 or so red wines. The circumstances aren't often ideal as the taster bottles may well have been opened for some time and experienced a degree of oxidization. Most of the wineries where also only tasting relativity recent vintages which often means the tannins haven't had an appreciable amount of time to mellow.

Having said that we seem to be happy with the choices we made and we should be bringing one or two bottles back home with us (once import limits have been checked). I intend to experiment with my choice and allow it to lay down for a few years before opening. Given the distance I don't think anyone could classify a trip to Oz as a booze cruise ;-)

A quick final note to mention we visited a lovely botanical garden on our way back through the Blue Mountains. It's a pretty impressive setting in one of the more verdant regions of Australia and well worth a visit for any plant lover.