Famine and Feast

Posted on Wed 01 April 2009 in general

Australia is a country of feast and famine. Even coastal Sydney operates under water restrictions most of the time as it is a precious resource. The house we are staying in here uses phosphate free washing powder so the run-off can go straight into the garden without killing the plants.

However the weather has been doing it's best to make me feel at home. There is flooding going on further up the coast and I suspect a number of the dry creeks we saw last week will be flowing again. On the plus side I'm sleeping a lot better as the rain has de-stultified the atmosphere enough to make the room a lot less stuffy. It looks like the weather will stay wet for the next few days as we potter around Sydney for various social and cultural events. Our final excursion starts on Saturday when we head down to the Southern Highlands for a few days. We then have a final week of exploring Sydney before heading back on the long journey home.