I blame "The Good Life"

Posted on Mon 06 April 2009 in general

The birds down under sound so very different from the ones I'm used to back in the UK. With so many brightly lit parrot-like birds squawking its easy to imagine yourself on some tropical island.

We visited an Alpaca farm today and asked questions about the care and keeping of these distant cousins of the Llama. It's probably the fault of "The Good Life" but we have this misty eyed plan for a small plot of land in the countryside where we can have a few Alpacas (for the wool) and Llamas (for the supermarket run/guard duties) along with a chicken run. Of course we can't be to far from train links and the rest as we are not intending to become fully self sufficient farmers, just a little more self sufficient and in touch with nature. It's something we will have to consider when we start looking for a house to buy.