In need of a new name

Posted on Thu 23 April 2009 in general

I'm starting work today as a contractor. The irony of identity of my new(old) employer is not lost on me. Although it will only be 2/3 days a week it keeps the money flowing in and gives me spare time to pursue other opportunities. One of those was on Tuesday when I went to my first networking event to find like minded entrepreneurs and see what's happening in the city. Not so much nosing for a job but more getting to know who's who and showing my face around. I think one silver lining of the current downturn is the opportunity for new start-ups. I'm quite keen to do something with green technology but as with all start-ups you need to find like minded and diversely skilled people to form a decent team.

One thing I was lacking however is the tool of the networker: the business card. I've had numerous business cards in my times at various companies. They usually come in 250 card minimums and many times I've never handed out more than 2-3 before they get collected for the next re-branding of the company. Now it appears I shall get better use out of them. Of course the other thing I need to do now I've joined the ranks of pimped out coders is create a trading name and company. We were thinking of ideas last night in the pub. The favourite was "Llamatech: Open Source at any Altitude", however a bit of searching this morning revealed several Llamatech's out there already. I liked the strap line though but I suspect it would only work with similar mountain dwelling camelids. I'm open to suggestions.