New Feed: Emacs Stuff

I’ve created a new feed for my emacs related posts (there are more) with an eye to getting it syndicated on Planet Emacs and joining the wider emacs blogging community. Of course this means I’ll have to blog about emacs more often which may throw the “all topics” syndicated livejournal feed people, but they are …

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Travel Plans

I’m planning a quick visit to Manchester this coming weekend. I should be up Friday evening and will be going to the Stockport Beer Festival on Saturday. Certainly beats Tequila :-/

Social Media

I’ve been experimenting with various micro-blogging sites for a week or so seeing if I could understand the hype. I have to say I’m starting to see the things it’s good for. For example I’ve just been notified of the speakers impending resignation not by reading my news feeds but because I follow the Today …

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