Grab Bag of Comments

Posted on Wed 13 May 2009 in general

I've had a long series of blog posts percolating in my brain over the last few days which have never made it to fruition due to stuff. I now present those posts in condensed form:

House and Home: We have weeded, prepped and planted out our garden. Although we are renting we will most likely be in the current place long enough to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of our labour

Work: I have seen accountant and things are in motion for my new status as freelance consultant. As a result I spent yesterday with my arms deep in exim/drupal erecting my professional store front. Keep me in mind if anyone mentions a desire to have an expert look at their use/potential use of FLOSS code for a project.

Micro-Blogging: I still don't see the point but as all the cool kids are doing it I thought I'd give it a go. You can find me on Twitter and the more open My tweets/dents/FB status/IM status updates are handled by the lovely Gwibber.

MPs Expenses: Yes it's easy to get outraged by the whole thing, abuse of trust, bring politics into disrepute and all that. However it's not the most pressing political issue of the day and it's getting an inordinate amount of coverage for the importance of the issue. It is however gratifying seeing the leaders race each other for the sack cloth and ashes at the moment.

Star Trek:: Fantastic, enjoyed it immensely and happy about the return of the franchise. There were a few points in the film that where a little too slapstick but I'm willing to give it a pass.