Cryptographic Hashes

If your new to cryptographic hashes or simply want an intro that isn’t overly heavy detailed maths then I can recommend The Code Monkey’s Guide by kernel hacker Valerie Aurora.


We decided to drive back to Cambridge via the Woodhead pass on Sunday as it’s a much prettier drive. However I did notice a bunch of “path” markings before the final tight turn and climb. It looked like some one had been creating Geoglyphs but looking on Google maps reveals nothing. Anyone else noticed them? …

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I use a fantastic little Firefox add-on called It’s all Text to spawn an Emacs client when editing text boxes. However up until recently I kept having problems with formatting of my posts. Even though HTML doesn’t really care about white space most blog software tends to treat them as though they mean something. This …

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Distributed VCS

I’ve mentioned distributed version control systems a few times. It was interesting note the advice that Savannah is giving about recovering from a recent disk crash. Both Git andMercurial based projects can restore from local repositories as they contain all the revision history within them. The centralised version control systems are relying explicit backups being …

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