Swift Visit

Posted on Mon 01 June 2009 in general

My swift visit to Manchester was fun. Not having suffered too much from the party the night before both Lee and I attended the Stockport Beer Festival on the Saturday. Although out doors we where shaded from the sun most of the day by virtue of Edgeley Park's orientation. This is probably a good thing in retrospect, we are fast approaching sun burn territory. There were some nice beers in attendance although I have to admit I'm still feeling a little spoil-ed by the previous week's Cambridge beer festival.

We went around to Chris and Paula's for the evening, nominally to watch DVDs and eat food. In the end we ended up mainly eating food and having a general natter and chin wag. We were also joined by the lovely Jo who latter ferried us back home so we could avoid the perils of taxi services. We were actually in bed by more or less midnight which is a testament to our advancing years. It was just as well though as Lee was heading off for some early Sunday morning bike riding and I wanted to get back to Cambridge and see at least some of the day with Fliss.

I took the scenic route home having gotten tired of the M6 on the way up. It was a lovely summer morning drive and more interesting being on A roads compared to the sameness of motorway driving. I made it home by midday in time for a light bout of gardening. I'm in charge of the tomatoes so spent a little time "training" them to grow in mutually beneficial directions. I spent the remainder of the day clearing up under Fliss' direction*. We ended with a lovely marinaded Chicken and Steak cooked on the BBQ, a trend I suspect will continue this week.

* This in no way is meant to imply she doesn't work in the garden, she very much does the bulk of the work. I only point out that once I have attended to my personal duties I need direction on what to pick up and put where :-)