All Weeds must Die!

Posted on Sat 04 July 2009 in general

We have started harvesting things from the garden. It's a testament to how easy it is considering we don't know what we are doing. One habit I have picked up is picking a few weeds out every time I pass a bed. It's enough to keep them at bay and give your plants more space.

The bounty so far amounts to a few strawberries, large quantities of savoy cabbage, a stupid number of courgettes (not a favourite) and some spring onions. We of course suffer the feast and famine of the garden but when we do get food it does seem to taste nicer (or at least it seems that way ;-).

All this gardening is a prelude of course - we haven't kicked in the full planting plan as it's a rented house. Today we went and visited our first potential house to buy. The place itself seemed a little ramshackle (from a decoration point of view) but it was huge. It also came with a large chunk of land (two paddocks) at the back. While there is a certain charm to the idea of a living the rural idyll I'm not sure I'm ready to be a farmer of a small holding. We have a few more houses to view tomorrow, we shall see how it goes.