Posted on Sun 05 July 2009 by alex in general

I have been updating my list of podcasts recently. A couple of days ago I added the Skeptics Guide to the Universe having followed a random shared link*. It's certainly and interesting format so far. The team discuss a couple of science related news items for the week and apply a critical eye to new reports. Think a slightly more wide ranging Bad Science in helpful podcast form. The last show I listened to discussed the details around the report of a boy being hit by a meteorite, some stuff about thought heuristics and the potential to introduce bias into our thinking and some long term projections for Earth's biosphere. It's an interesting podcast which is well worth a listen. Their work is funded by James Randi's educational fund so you know it's going to be good :-)

Would anyone like to recommend their favourite podcast? If you don't do the podcast thing is there any reason why not?

* ahh the power of social sharing, I think it was via someones shared feed ( bit like mine). I suspect that will become a better way to find things than relaying on the collective vote of a bunch of random people.