Big Numbers

Posted on Mon 06 July 2009 by alex in general

Yesterday we went for a cycle ride around Fen Ditton to get a feel for the place. Given that we already seem to be developing some roots in Milton it was good to know it's only a short cycle ride away. The principle target of the evaluation involved visiting a few of the local pubs. I think we have been spoilt by Milton's fine selection of hostelries, all of which guest beers. The Fen Ditton pubs all serve ales but mainly of the Green King variety and guest beers are not very much in evidence.

However the village is still lovely and has other fine amenities including the all important cricket oval. Talking to the locals it seems like a pretty good community spirit exists in the area. Overall we are still very positive about it as a place to live. The next few days are going to involve crunching some eye-watering numbers and talking to banks to see if we can buy our dream house. Striking the balance between emotional attachment and cold hard reality is an interesting line to walk.