Updates and clarifications

My previous post regarding the frustrations of a slow frame update when emacsclient was spawning frames wasn’t helped by a gotcha I’ve walked into a couple of times regarding the if function. In my haste to debug problems I’d added a message in some code: (if I-am-emacs-22+ + (message “loading color-theme at %s” (current-time-string)) (if …

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Unlikey to be wiser

Well I’m now a year older* although not necessarily wiser for it. With Fliss back on her feet after enforced invalidity we spent the Saturday mooching about (Fliss preparing food, me doing washing up) before heading over N&MA’s house warming BBQ/party thing. They have recently taken on a fairly extensive renovation for their first house. …

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The Pirate Party

Well it seems the Pirate Party in now registered with the electoral commission in the UK which opens the way for their participation in elections. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Their front page policies are all good stuff, reform copyright and patent law, reduce surveillance and uphold free speech. I hope that …

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