Posted on Mon 14 September 2009 in general

The broadband fitting I expected to turn up on Saturday didn't actually materialise. It turns out the automated system got confused by our move from a cable area to a "national" area and went ahead and cancelled one without booking in the other. I'm not totally cut off though, I have an excellent 5 bar + 3G signal in the new house. It does cause Fliss a bit of a problem for working from home until our new ADSL based service arrives though.

It became clear in selecting ADSL we become second class broadband citizens. Our service levels drop from a choice of speeds (5-10-20mb) to "up to 7mb" and a choice of usage caps, in our case I went for the 40gb monthly limit. Hopefully however I'll be able to get an up-link to work on a 10GHz up-link that will put the DSL solution to shame, especially if I'm the only one in the cell.

Otherwise everything is slowly un-boxing and we await the next major delivery of bits and pieces on Wednesday. However undeterred we have already cooked a few meals on a lovely new gas hob, the horrors of the last year and a half on electric hobs now fading into distant memory. Curtains have been installed in key rooms which mean we do get a bit of a lie in when the sun comes up. I cycled in on my new route and found it to be a pretty easy and mostly off-road. We are pencilling in November for a house warming, hopefully we will be fully unpacked by then.