Posted on Thu 08 October 2009 in geek

I cheated today and drove the car the stones throw from home to work. Since the bike suffered it's catastrophic failure I've been walking the 7 miles a day which I hope is more beneficial from a calorific point of view than the shorter time spent cycling. However if I don't get out of the door by 9 I'll be later getting in that I'd like.

After much groveling and tweeting I've managed to secure a ticket (or more correctly authentication token) for LUG Radio Live in Birmingham on the 24th of October. It's followed by OggCamp which is a collaborative effort between two of my favorite geek podcasts: Ubuntu UK and Linux Outlaws. OggCamp is an un-conference so there isn't a pre-published schedule. I may dip my toes into doing a session or two, current ideas are "Drive by patches, more hassle then they are worth?" and "Why Rockbox is awesome!".