Putting on my drinking trousers

Posted on Fri 16 October 2009 by alex in general

The drinking posse will be in town this weekend for Matt U's birthday celebrations. As the geek quotient is high I'm taking the opportunity to immerse myself in the magic Google juice that my new phone makes available. I've pondered the danger of getting too tied to Google before but I'm getting more relaxed about it as I go on. I'm now signed up Latitude so the orbiting mind control satellites will always be able to find me, and more importantly so will Fliss. The privacy controls are actually fairly solid and I'm not about to start publishing a public location badge. If I really want to go off the grid I'm going to have to turn off the phone anyway (and change car, go completely cash based and only ever access the 'net via Tor), it's a good job I'm not likely to ever be on the run from the state.

My address book has gone from my Palm through various phones I've owned to the "cloud". Luckily Google are pretty good about making it easy to export backup copies. As more of my documents are stored in the cloud (sans any important data like passwords and identity details) I thought it was about time I backed them up. I found a nice little python app that I can run on a regular basis to stay synced.

I shall probably be posing more about the phone later. However I've just upgraded to the latest firmware (sadly not yet the donut release) and as a result have to spend some time configuring the phone more sensibly. However I can generally report it's a lovely little phone and a very diverse platform.