Ale to the chief

Posted on Mon 19 October 2009 by alex in general

Had a good but slightly tiring weekend exploring some more of the pubs of Cambridge. I've made a few more discoveries that will be useful to remember for later although I missed out on the Kingston Arms which I shall have to visit next time I'm in town.

There was a lot of technology involved in the weekend with GPS enabled phones and shared maps in the Google Cloud informing us of potential places to visit culled from the Good Beer Guide. Latitude did seem to work quite well although one lesson learnt was to pay attention to the area circle around icons or you can end up chasing around a ghost position if people aren't updating via the more accurate GPS.

We also had visit from Rich and Al with Rosie and the local family in tow on Sunday which was nice. It was followed by the first Sunday lunch of the season at my parents with by brother and one of my cousins visiting as well. We enjoyed the post-meal digestion while watching the penultimate F1 race where Button claimed his crown. I've fallen out of favour with F1 over the last few years as it turned from exciting motor sport to a procession of cars with very little overtaking. However yesterdays race was exciting to watch and I think benefits from the uninterrupted coverage the BBC can give it. While I doubt I'll be going out of my way to watch every race it's certainly up in the rankings for those lazy Sunday afternoons.