Posted on Tue 27 October 2009 in general

One of the perils of having the entire smorgasbord of a music collection available on your computer (or music playing device) is the shuffle button. I almost unconsciously end up setting the player on random and just hitting skip when a track that doesn't quite fit my mood comes on. Sometimes I use my account and set some tag parameters for what I'd like to listen to however the experience is still a disjointed one. During a conversation with Arwel about the relative merits of Last.Fm vs Spotify he cited the ability to listen to whole albums as a key selling point of the service. While I'm not ready to sign up to Spotify yet I have started taking more care to listen to the many many albums I already own. For the last few weeks I've made a conscious effort to set my player up to play an entire album first thing in the morning before it switches back to the usual eclectic sampling of the some 10,000 tracks I have in my collection.

So what albums would my readers recommend as a good start to the day?