Posted on Mon 23 November 2009 in general

We spend Saturday visiting the big smoke for a birthday party and house warming. For Graeme's birthday we frequented a cordoned off area of an Ausie Sports bar to watch the two Rugby international. England where predictably beaten although managed to hold onto their dignity up until the last twenty minutes when it all went to pot. To give the Scots their due though they did very well to hold (and finally beat) the Wallabies. After the game we repaired to Hackney for El Franco's South American themed house warming. My voice had started to go by this point (the tale end of my last cold) so I switched to soothing White Russians. Fliss was also asking me to do various Barry White impressions as my voice had dropped an octave or two and was apparently super sexy - an association I've not made with illness before!

After much breakfast and getting a lift through London traffic we finally made it back to our house to find the kitchen floor covered with water and the light fitting dripping. This pretty much eliminated the planned evening of unwinding and led to hurried calls to the insurance company to get a plumber out. After much lifting of carpets and floorboards and scratching of heads we finally tracked it down to a leak in the shower pan seal and the dripping shower head that had not been fully turned off. The water had evidently slowly leaked through over 24 hours and then run back into the centre of the ceiling through the helpful hole formed by the light fitting. Luckily no major damage has been done and getting it fixed up should be a pretty simple task. I'm glad I took out the home emergency cover with the house insurance though.