Meta Meme

Posted on Fri 11 December 2009 by alex in general

I thought I'd jump in with the current meta-meme which if I understand the rules correctly is the first line from the first post of each month:

Jan: Rockbox happily made it through the New Years Eve gathering without frustrating anyone with its occasional rough edges.
Feb: True to Hofstader’s law it took a few extra days to finish of my (unpaid) work at Essex University.
Mar: You may recall the adventures of playing with the bleeding edge of Xorg.
Apr: I’m slightly wary of posting anything on Internet Lie Day but I’m guessing it all depends on the timezone.
May: I went to a embedded conference today (re: sales pitch).
Jun: While browsing stackoverflow I (re)discovered Desktop Save Mode which I must of played with in an earlier emacs version and then disabled.
Jul: Thanks to all who came to the party on Saturday.
Aug: We spent the weekend attending the wedding of C&P in the royal county of Buckinghamshire.
Sep: I dropped my car off at the body-shop for it’s cosmetic surgery today.
Oct: I was little disappointed by David Cameron’s performance on Sunday AM.
Nov: I’ve finally gotten around to migrating the blog to Wordpress.
Dec: The weekend was a relatively quite one.

So that's 4 geek, 2 job, 5 life and 1 politics post. I'm a well rounded individual I am ;-)