Career Best Performance

Posted on Thu 21 January 2010 in general

We went for a meal and bowling before Fliss' sister Steph sets of on her next adventure for a year in India. I haven't been ten pin bowling for some time which explained by rather ropey start in the first game (scoring a total of 1 across the first two frames). However my second game went a lot better. 5 strikes and 3 spares led to possibly my career best total for a game of 157. Unfortunately I crumbled slightly on the 9th frame and guttered my 1st bowl and despite getting the all important spare on my last frame failed to take full advantage only scoring 1 point for the bonus. I blame the barracking coming from the other players for throwing me of my streak. Still I comfortably won that frame and it is the winning that's important isn't it? ;-)