Visitations, apparitions and lack of spirits

Posted on Mon 01 February 2010 by alex in general

We had the slightly odd couple of Lee and TJ visiting the country house this weekend. Lee who hadn't seen more than the front of the new place since we moved was suitably impressed by scope of the place, probably less so by the even grander plans we have for it.

As they arrived late Friday evening (having negotiated the rather unhelpful closure of the A14) we only got round to a late dinner. However we did take the opportunity to explore a few bottles from my recent delivery. Words like "complexity" were used a lot to describe the rather tasty bottle of Rijoca from the collection. Despite the switch to port as the evening progressed past the small hours we still managed to keep stocks vaguely in shape. Unlike the previous port session with Rich the week before we actually put the bottle back with some contents still in it!

I had a brief excursion during the day on Saturday to drop my parents off at the airport for their late booking ski holiday. Now they are "retired" (whatever that means these days) they are fully taking advantage of the ability to whizz away for snow at the last minute.

Our plans for Saturday mainly revolved around taking advantage of the lovely scenic route for a walk into town via a couple of pubs. Despite making some friends in the second pub and participating in a few drinking games for birthday celebration purposes we still had the wherewithal to leave by 7pm and get home with time to cook some lovely fillet steaks with sweet potatoes and mash. We may of been slightly tipsy, but at least we were being responsibly tipsy!

We didn't actually get around to discussing Stag plans, allegedly the purpose of the visit, until Sunday morning. If you haven't heard from my best men by the end of February feel free to poke them into action by me. I should be making the return journey sometime in March. I shall also most likely be up around the early May bank holiday for OggCamp, schedules permitting.