Sunshine, sand and spades

Posted on Mon 12 April 2010 by alex in general

My muscles are currently protesting but not quite as much as post-Snowdon. We took advantage of a lovely sunny weekend to start planting some fruit and vegetables in our new veg patch.

It turns out that the hardstand for the out-building actually extends much further out into the area we want to turn into our mini-allotment than originally thought. After much exploratory digging I think I've located the final boundary which only left around a metre between that and the hedge. Fortunately the concrete in deep enough for the strawberry bed to go over as their roots aren't that deep. The tomatoes went further back and both beds where de-rocked/bricked and then improved with a significant quaint of compost. Given the amount of land we should probably take advantage of the free compost from the new anaerobic compost facility in Waterbeach which processes a lot of the green bin waste.

We also cleared out a large amount of ivy and other junk from the hedge row at the back as well as dismantling the last of the old corrugated iron fence. I think the next step is going to be finding how much it would cost to get someone in to break up the concrete and remove the resulting rubble. It will take a few years to get the land into full-production but at least we will have some local produce to show for this year.