Apropos my last post

Posted on Mon 19 April 2010 in general

Struck by a desire to know I penned the following:

Dear Geoffrey Van Orden, Richard Howitt, Stuart Agnew, David Campbell Bannerman, Vicky Ford, Andrew Duff and Robert Sturdy,

I noted with interest today the news that the EU transport ministers
held a video-conference to discuss the response to the paralysis of
the air transport network by the results of the eruptions of

While I by no means think that every EU conference could be held by
video link I did wonder how often ministers take advantage of modern
telecommunications technology. As my representatives in Europe I would
like you to find out:

* how many meetings could be held by video conference?
* how many meetings are actually held by video conference?
* what is the environmental impact of holding physical meetings where video ones would do?

Europe takes a leading role on environmental matters which I applaud.
However I hold a sneaking suspicion our European institutions could do
a better job of leading by example.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Bennée