Posted on Tue 22 June 2010 by alex in general

I returned from a long weekend in a rather sunny York yesterday morning. I am now apparently prepared with all the techniques and knowledge required to become a loving and supportive husband in September.

Both my brother and dad did well at the Bridge scoring a number of crucial rubbers. The Batman through the ages retrospective gave us plenty to ponder about the development of this seminal character. I think we all came away from Saturday's advanced driving lessons having learnt some new skills to make us safer participants on our nations roads. The food was simple but nourishing with plenty of healthy herbs and spices to supplement the modest amount of meat in our weekends diet. We also enjoyed a modest selection of wines and other fermented goods made from harvested berries and other natural organic ingredients. Although I did take my PS3 up with me it was mainly used to introduce Andy to a new realistic driving simulator.

I have to thank my best men for organising the weekend and generally removing the need for me to think too hard. I also valued the advice from all those present who had already partaken in the august and revered institution that is marriage.